PAnzA is now a WINZ Supplier

PAnzA is now registered with WINZ as a supplier. This means that any Psychosynthesis counsellor/psychoherapist who is a member of PAnzA can provide WINZ funded counselling for their clients.

The WINZ CURAM number is PAnzA CUR001655303. This number confirms that PAnzA is registered on the WINZ system.

You will need to discuss this with your Work and Income client as it is their responsibility to arrange WINZ funded payment for you with their Case Manager or local Work and Income Office.

WINZ Registration added to Member Profile

Your ‘member profile’ section of this site now includes ‘WINZ registered’ in the ‘services’ section. Although all PAnzA members are now technically WINZ registered, using the ‘WINZ registered’ tag could be a useful way of advertising your willingness to take on WINZ clients to anyone searching for a therapist on the PAnzA website.

You can edit your own profile to add ‘WINZ registered’ to your profile or you can contact PAnzA if you would like assistance.