About Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis is a psycho-spiritual psychology developed in the early 20th century by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli.

Psychosynthesis is practised as a counselling and psychotherapeutic approach to psychological healing, personal development and spiritual awakening, and can also be applied in a wider context to facilitate increased expression of purpose, meaning and values within societies and greater connectedness within families, communities and the world.

Assagioli’s vision was influenced by his professional immersion in Western psychological understanding, and his family’s interest in spiritual and philosophical matters, which meant he was also well versed in the teachings of the East. This broad knowledge base led to him recognising the “natural tendency toward evolution, towards unfoldment, that pervades the universe as well as the human sphere, and that our job now is to get behind that and make it conscious.” (Michael Murphy, in The New Yorker)

In Psychosynthesis, Assagioli developed a coherent and inclusive approach to human and societal development, which uses theoretical principles of will and consciousness to enable us to co-operate individually and collectively with our unfolding potential.

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In Aotearoa New Zealand, there have been two main Psychosynthesis teaching organisations.

The New Zealand Institute of Psychosynthesis was established by Helen Palmer and Peter Hubbard in Auckland in 1986. The Institute is closed in December 2018. The website is sill live in order to keep this training information available, so people understand the breadth, height, and depth of the training programme as this information is pertinent to anyone seeing a psychosynthesis practitioner.

The Psychosynthesis Trust offers a Psychosynthesis programme of personal and spiritual development, in distance learning, that provides “an education for living”.
The trust is no longer operating.

The flame of Psychosynthesis in NZ is alive and well and thriving in the form of Psychosynthesis South Pacific. Founded in 2017, they offer training programs and can be found here.

Psychosynthesis is a method of self-training and psycho-spiritual development for those who do not want to be … slaves of their inner ghosts and external influences, to passively accept the psychological forces that take place in them, but want to become masters of their own kingdom within

Roberto Assagioli

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